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Top 5 goals of round 12

Check out the top five goals of Round 12 Premier League action, including Manchester City’s Jesus Navas’ goal 15 seconds into the start of his team’s game against Tottenham Hotspur.

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In New York

So the moment many Knicks fans including myself have been waiting for has arrived…the season opener at the transformed Madison Square Garden.

Let’s just jump right into it. This first half of the Knicks vs. the Bucks, I hear the Knicks communicating with each other on the floor and I hear sneakers moving- that means defense. There is a cohesiveness that I haven’t seen in years and the fire in their eyes that means they are ready. First as a fan I want to see if this continues for a full game and for a full season. They must play with this intensity night in and night out if the team and their fans expect them to have a fighting chance in the playoffs.  

I haven’t been this excited since the Knicks in the 90’s. And I hope I am excited for a reason. Come on Knicks you owe to the City and your loyal fans!

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This was one of THE greatest moments in US football history….yes people it’s football. Besides giving me great memories growing up you actually inspired so many others and made the rest of us really appreciate those that play the game and the game itself. Thanks a million times over…..

This was one of THE greatest moments in US football history….yes people it’s football. Besides giving me great memories growing up you actually inspired so many others and made the rest of us really appreciate those that play the game and the game itself. Thanks a million times over…..

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Who Run the World?

Yes people it is official, the WNBA tipped off their 16th season last night with the Los Angles Sparks visiting the Seattle Storm. The Sparks were in a losing battle but it was the heroics of Kristi Toliver who scored 10 of her 25 points in the fourth quarter and the Sparks over came 21 point deficit.

The Storm lead by Sue Bird were off to a great start and were leading the Sparks 24 - 10 at the end of the first, by the end of the half it was 35 - 24. In the fourth quarter the Storm got sloppy and the Sparks exploded for a 30 - 10 run. It might be a long season for the Storm who are without their star player Lauren Jackson who is preparing of the 2012 Olympics in London. However this is the first game for both teams and this game is not indicative of how the season might turn out for the Sparks or Storm. 

Today’s schedule looks like this: The Connecticut Sun visit the New York Liberty, 4PM EST. The Atlanta Dream visit the Indiana Fever 7PM EST tip off, the Washington Mystics host the Chicago Sky 7PM start and the San Antonio Silver Stars are in Tulsa visiting the Shock and this is an 8PM EST start.

Looks like your Saturday afternoon is a busy one! With Chelsea FC, the NBA Playoffs and now I’ll be rooting for the NY Liberty of course! Whatever game I’ll be watching I hope my teams  remember that a good defense leads to a good offense.

Enjoy your sports filled afternoon. See you at the game!

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BBall Playoffs and the League’s Champion

So much going on in sports that I don’t have enough hours in a day to watch it all. But I can say that tonight I enjoyed the Pacers thrashing the Heat and now I hope the Clippers can even up the series against the Spurs! It’s not looking too good right now for the Clippers.

The Miami Heat visited the Indian Pacers and this would be a blow out in the second half, at the end of the game it was the Pacers on top with 94 and the Heat just 75. Roy Hibbert scored 19 points and had 18 rebound but he wasn’t alone, George Hill scored 20 and Danny Granger had 17. Talk about balanced scoring!

Not too sure what happened with the Heat but the fact that D. Wade scored just 5 on 2 of 13 shoot says a lot. James scored 22 and Chaimers added 25 points but that wasn’t enough to pull of a win in Indiana. Bosh was out with a strained abdominal muscle and is not expected to return for the series.Next game for the Pacers is on Sunday at 330pm EST - as always check your local listing for time and channel.

The other series that’s has my attention is the LA Lakers and the OKC Thunder. The Thunder are leading the series two games to none! really hope the Thunders can pull off a sweep. You can watch these two play tomorrow night (Friday) at 1030pm - once again check your local listing for time and channel.

A quick NBA round up:

As of now Spurs lead Clippers one game to one - game was not over at the time the article was posted. Next game on Sunday.

Boston leads Philly 2-1, next game on Friday.

Now in the 2012 Champions League’s final on Saturday, we have Chelsea FC from the EPL and the FC Bayern München from the Bundesliga. If Chelsea wins they will automatically qualify for next year’s Champion League. And guess who I will be rooting for

I want to end this post by saying that last Sunday the EPL crowned it’s champion and it was the Manchester City who won 3-2 in a thrilling match again Queens Park Rangers. For more on this game go to

See you at the game!

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It is final, Metta World Peace is suspended for seven games. I am speechless because he should be suspended for the rest of the season including the playoffs. He gave a man a concussion for crying out loud and I don’t care if he intentionally wanted to hurt someone or not, point is Harden was in his way and World Peace knocked him out. If this was an altercation in the street, “Metta World Peace” would have been arrested for assault. Seven games is unacceptable and shame on the league for not passing a harsher suspension.

On a lighter note Chelsea FC faces the winner of tomorrow’s Munich/Real match. The ideal final score of 1-0 or 2-0 in favor didn’t happen at least we are in the finals! The final score was 2-2 with Messi missing a PK…now that’s embarrassing.

See you at the game!

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Coming Up…

I have your key matches of the week first with Chelsea FC v. Barcelona today in the semi-finals of the Champions League – what’s the word on this? Basically Chelsea has to win And not allow ANY goals from Barcelona. Barcelona has key players not playing; Eric Abidal and David Villa. Can Chelsea pull off a win?

Now the winner of today’s match will play the winner of tomorrow’s match: Bayern Munich v. Real Madrid.

With great matches going on across the Atlantic, here at home we are looking forward to our kind of football. Thursday at 8p EST on ESPN (check your local listings for times and channel) it’s the 2012 NFL Draft. And I know many of you are dying to know what teams are picking what players. At this point I am still high off the championship win of my NY Giants but anyone they can pick up to improve the team is welcomed.

Also on the calendar, the Knicks play the Clippers tomorrow at 8p EST and the Bobcats on Thursday also an 8p tip off.

The Rangers are also in the mist of the playoffs and what a series is has been. The series is tied three a piece with the stakes couldn’t be higher for both teams. Next game is on Thursday, a must win for the Rangers.

This has been a quick round up of your key matches/games of the week. You can follow me on @herrera_ivette and like me on

See you at the game!

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"Metta Weird Peace"

This is what Jon Barry called Ron Artest after his cheap shot against Oklahoma City Thunder guard James Harden. It is an understatement to say it was a cheap shot, this was an assault. What possessed “Metta World Peace” to do such a thing? Of course Jon and the rest of the crew on Sunday’s half time show did say that World Peace has been trying not to lose control, he has been seeking professional help, and so on. After witnessing this disregard of someone else’s wellbeing, I don’t think that the professional help he is seeking is, well, helping.

According to the LA Times the league has not come to the decision on how long to suspend World Peace. In my opinion he should be out for the rest of season – whatever regular season games they have left and all of the playoffs. One or two games or a few thousand dollars fine is not enough to teach him and the Laker team a lesson. The league also needs to suspend his pay. This was a hit to the head of another player and you cannot sit there and look at the replays and say this is not intentional or accidental. This was no accident and the league really needs to come down on him. Let’s see what happens before the Lakers play their next game on Thursday.

As of this hour Harden was diagnosed with a concussion and has not been cleared to play.

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